Graphics - seeing is believing

DRX provides a means of graphically reviewing the values that the proposed drilling program produces.

The traditional method of viewing, rotating, zooming and panning a 3D representation of the proposed drillholes is but one means of graphically displaying the results of a drilling program.

A 3D graphical view provides a purely qualitative view of the information. The following images provide two possible drillhole plans. Both meet all of the constraints required by the geologists, however their costs are significantly different.

The 3D view provides a means of quickly reviewing the details of a drillhole program, based largely on the human's capability to quickly identify patterns in geometric images. The 3D interactive view does not provide a means of quantitative and/or comparative analysis given a number of possible and feasible drillhole options.

DRX's reporting capability has been designed to supplement 3D visualization with a series of 2D graphics that provide an easy means of performing quantitative comparisons between a number of possible drilling plans.

The DRX summary report provides a means of comparing the relative values of any number of possible layouts. Focus is removed from the physical location of the holes to metrics that allow decisions based on clear tradeoffs.

For each drillhole layout, summary reporting bars provid meterage metrics combined with coverage reporting. Spacing coverage percentage of the targeted volume is reported for two search radii representing the minimum criteria required for indicated and measured reporting. These are varied accorgind to project requirements as determined by qualified persons.

In this study the left most drilling plan requires more meters to reach a lower level of coverage at 6.25m, with lower overall sampling within the target volume (as seen by the green bar). Since both drill plans meet all imposed geometric constraints the choice of the program can be made with a high level of confidence.

DRX not only provides a number of valid drill plans, but also provides the custom metrics to ensure that drill plans are aligned with the clients' specific strategic objectives.