In mine drill planning

DRX creates options

DRX is a unique optimization tool that provides a means of quickly generating a number of drill plans that all meet your constraints.

The capacity to quickly create compliant plans, followed by a means of quantifying the value of each plan against clear performance criteria provide the in-mine exploration team with the capability of determining.

  • Ideal number of setups and location
  • Minimum meters required
  • Better understand drilling schedules
  • Quickly re-plan based on production related changes
  • Prioritize drillholes to drill highest value holes first
  • Re-generate azimuth and dip constraints

The reporting metrics allow quantifiable and objective decisions to be made related to development and drilling to maximize drilling value.

Quantifiable metrics can also be used to improve collaboration between exploration, operation and engineering personnel. The comparison metrics, change in cost/schedule and coverage provide a means of better understanding how operational changes affect exploration programs.

Finally, DRX provides evolving drill plans that align layouts with the specific requirements as drilling evolves from early definition, detailed qualification and accurate in-filling. Time currently spent on layouts can be translated into additional interpretation leading to better understanding and planning capabilities.